Quality Assurance System

GEORGE P. ALEXANDRIS S.A. is certified by TUV Hellas with the Quality Assurance System ISO 9001, since 2000.

Long before quality certification was established, our adherence to quality has always been our method of operation. Our customers know this from their experience in day-to-day transactions.

Our Company Quality Policy

Our Company Quality Policy constitutes the basis for the accomplishment of its objectives, which are:

  • Provision of lawful services
  • Customer provision of products of well-founded quality
  • Maintenance of high standard efficiency

Our Company Quality Policy is consistent and constitutes the basis for the implementation of our Quality Management System.

All of our personnel participate in the company’s responsibility for quality assurance, making continuous efforts in the production and sale of quality products and the provision of effective services to the customer.

Our constant objective and commitment is continuous improvement.