Our Company

Since 1925, our Company has been in the spotlight with a unique position in the entire commercial world of the country, enjoying appreciation abroad.

With almost 100 years of business activity and experience, which is constantly developing, we combine tradition and modern business perception, experience and youthful mood, product quality and economic solutions, a wide variety of items and specialization in the needs of the Industrial and Productive Sectors.

With Stores covering all of Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania, we serve our customers by providing products and services of high quality at very competitive prices. We are collaborating with leading Companies of the World and especially of the European Industry.

Our vision

While being in touch with the technological developments in Europe and around the world, our vision is to actively be part of the modernization of Greek businesses, so that both our customers and us are in constant improvement of our productivity and competitiveness.

We inform and advise our customers about every new products or ideas, and we believe that we contribute to the successful confrontation of a highly competitive future and present in the European and International community.

Products and Suppliers

In terms of functionality, our products are classified in Power Transmission, Material Handling, and Industrial Filtering.

We import our products from the most reliable manufacturers in the European and International Market, with high quality standards that ensure functionality.

Our customers can obtain all related items from one supplier, saving money and time as well. All our Stores in Greece and abroad have warehouses that maintain all products in stock.

Our Products

Construction of Transport Systems

Our Construction Plant in Koropi, Attica has a fully specialized unit for the design and manufacture of conveyor belt systems and intra-factory handling units, as well as conveyor belt elements (rollers, drums, their installation stations) under the well-known TRANSPACK brand name.

Manufacture of Bottling Components

Our subsidiary in Plovdiv, Bulgaria has developed a unique system that enables the bottling industry to create a bottle easier, faster and with lower cost. It designs and produces on its own premises the plastic screws, stars, tracks, and other special components required to fit a bottle of new design and / or other capacity, to a pre-existing production line or machine.

Our Human Resources

Our sales team is made up of experienced executives and new associates, engineers, technicians, and sales engineers. Cooperation with our customers is done in a direct, pleasant, and mutually beneficial way.

In our Stores, our specialized and experienced salespeople provide customers technical advice and make sure their needs are being fulfilled correctly and in time.

Our salespeople visit our clients to keep them up to date for technical issues, making sure for a seamless partnership, as well as solving any possible problem that may occur.

Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, specialized crew members for assembling and welding conveyor belts and drive belts, with renewable equipment, exemplary capacity and speed, serve immediately where the need arises.

Our Factors of Success

Our presence in the service of Greek Industry for about a century is due to:

  • The right values of life and principles of operation
  • Healthy entrepreneurship
  • Our respect for the customer
  • The straightforwardness and honesty of the transaction
  • Cooperation with mutual interest
  • The ideal correlation of price and quality
  • The creation and maintenance of special partners
  • Seriousness, responsibility and friendliness
  • The continuous monitoring of technological developments and training of our people


Alexandris - Piraeus

12 K. Mavromichali str.
185 45 Piraeus
T: 210 4111841-5
F: 210 4127058

Industrial Area
Block 48B, 4th Entrance, P.O. Box 1323
570 22 Sindos
T: 2310 556650
F: 2310 511815


188, 62 Martyron ave.
713 03 Heraklio
T: 2810 372484
F: 2810 372485

1st klm., Koropiou – Varis ave.
194 00 Portsi, Koropi
T: 210 6628002
F: 210 6624812


4004 Plovdiv, P.O. Box 93
28, Kuklensko Shosse str.
T +359 032 587 390


Sofia Mladost
Sofia, Mladost 4
87, Al. Malinov blvd.
T +359 2 975 73 05
T +359 2 248 33 154
T+359 2 483 31 54
F +359 2 975 73 06

Selling Points:

2700 Blagoevgrad,
Т + 359 886 06 65 58
E-mail: alexandris_tarnovo@alexandris.gr

Т +359 885 14 77 24 ,
E-mail: office_rousse@alexandris.gr


37, Balgarska aviacia str.
Т +359 64 681238
F +359 64 681058
E-mail: nibora@nibora.com

TERZ ltd.
Zapadna promishlena zona str.
Т +359 52 511815
F +359 52 511817
E-mail: terz40@abv.bg

S & S ltd.
Slaveikov hc. Blok 160 vh. G Shop 4
Т +359 056 960127
F +359 56 960118
E-mail: ovcharova@bginfo.net


SOS. Bucuresti-Ploiesti 135 SECTOR 1,
13686 Bucharest
T: +40 21 3009553
F: +40 21 3009554

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