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Historical Moments

George Alexandris

Establishment of a commercial
outlet for machines and flour mill materials on 19A, K Mavromichali
Street, in Piraeus

Production Capacity


As of the middle of 2008, we operate in our group a reducer assembly department – MAC (MOTOVARIO QUALIFIED ASSEMBLING CENTER) – located in our facilities in Plovdiv Bulgaria. We assemble and deliver almost immediately reducers H, HA, B, BA, S (coaxial, helical bevel, and parallel shaft).

Beyond the self-evident advantage of immediate delivery (just one day for the Greek market!), we check each reducer leaving our centre meticulously using the strictest quality tests for noise and oil leakage. This centre also operates as a diagnostic and repairing unit for old reducers of the previously mentioned types.

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2004 saw the formation of a model unit for the production of quality precision components, specializing in their design and manufacture from stainless steel and plastic materials for the bottling industry. Distinctive company products are plastic screw conveyors and crosses, which are now designed in Bulgaria explicitly for fitting with your equipment and your bottles using state-of-the-art digital equipment (CNC) and a particularly demanding CAD-CAM system.

Our manufacturing division in ALEXANDRIS ENGINEERING will be pleased to answer any of your questions and requests.

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Our company is capable of producing rollers comprised of metallic, galvanized & stainless steel, and plastic tube materials for various applications.
At our plant facility we possess special equipment for the automated production of heavy duty, dustproof rollers (targeted towards cement industries, quarries, mines, etc.), which are manufactured in standard and other sizes.
We also manufacture roller stations for heavy duty rollers as well as special drums of various dimensions, based on specifications.

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